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We are an applied AI research and development firm.

We partner with startups and established businesses to design and build custom Data Science and Machine Learning solutions to their business problems.  We deliver scalable and affordable solutions in under 6 months.

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Our Case Studies



Radionuclide medical diagnostics detects how well internal organs function. The most common techniques are SPECT Tomography and Gamma Camera scans. Recording the radiation emitted by an injected radioactive tracer from within the body, they construct a 3D image – dynamic scintigram – showing how well the organs work. We used AI to analyse these images

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Commercial adoption of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is growing. Various commercial use cases, from industrial inspections to mobile security applications are springing up every day. Bringing AI technologies onboard a UAV offers unprecedented opportunities to revolutionise the commercial use of UAVs

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Single alkali halide crystals (boules) are indispensable in a number of a very demanding applications in high energy, nuclear, space and medical physics. Growing large crystals is an expensive and complex process with strict requirements placed on their physical properties. We used AI to improve crystallisation process quality control

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Municipal sewers require regular inspections to ensure their proper functioning. One of the most cost-effective methods for this is using CCTV with operators controlling remotely operated crawlers which move inside the sewer pipes to collect footage. Analyzing this footage to create standardized sewer condition reports is a time-consuming and cognitively repetitive process prone to human […]

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Our services were requested by an innovative B2B platform for the pig growing industry. A simple yet powerful production management tool, it connects owners, caregivers and veterinarians allowing them to track the pig growing process from start to finish and keep track of animal health concerns in real time

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Our mission was to help an innovative company fuse wearable technology and cutting-edge computational methods to deliver personalized advice on achieving peak performance. Understanding an individual’s chronotype – their sleep and wake phases – is crucial for predicting performance and productivity throughout the day. To meet the challenge of optimizing productivity, even beyond natural chronotypes, […]

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Focus areas

Combining Machine Vision with AI

Our researchers expertly combine the power of Artificial Intelligence with Machine Vision to automatically generate insights from still images and video data. Our solutions enable tasks such as real-time object detection, classification, localization and tracking, semantic and instance segmentation, key points and boundary detection and more

Natural Language Processing

We use state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to solve multiple NLP tasks, including Question-Answering, understanding, and generation. Our solutions are aimed at maximising trustworthiness and cost efficiency of an AI system by careful selection of Language Models and techniques of their application. Our solutions based on Generative Large Language Models are built to avoid hallucinations and avoided answering for the target business context

Time Series Analysis

We can help you extract patterns of meaningful information and predict future values on the basis of past observations. Our solutions have been successfully deployed in data stream mining and anomaly detection in multiple industrial contexts, such as AI-enabled malware traffic detection, data centre workload planning, mortality predictions and treatment recommendations in industrial farming and many more

Edge AI Solutions for IoT and Robotics

Our low computational cost algorithms, capable of running on inexpensive System-On-Chip (SOC) hardware are a perfect fit for Internet of Things and Robotics use cases. We can provide solutions which enable low-cost sensor fusion and on-device multisensory input processing, GPS-free navigation and more. Our Robot/Drone AI solutions can also be easily integrated with Robotic Operating System (ROS)

Our team

Viacheslav Moskalenko

Co-Founder, CTO and Head of Research

Elena Lysyuk

Co-Founder, Director and CCO

Mykola Zaretskyi

Data Scientist

Viktor Lysyuk


Alona Moskalenko

Data Scientist

Artem Korobov

Data Scientist

Andrii Panych

Data Processing Engineer

Anton Kudrjavtsev

Software Engineer

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